Hi! Welcome to Matineja!

My name is Danijel. Born and raised in Zagreb, Croatia, I was a geek before I even truly knew what that meant. Ever since I was a kid, I liked sci-fi, fantasy and horror films. Way back in 2004, I started reviewing movies for fun and… fun. The word “profit” was hardly applicable then.

Throughout the last decade, I mostly worked as a journalist and a movie reviewer. I wrote for magazine Café and websites such as Screen Rant, IndieReaderInverzija, i-Marcus, Living Life Fearless, MythBuilders and Underscoopfire. In July 2016, the internet portal fak.hr gave me an award at their annual “Matej Lovrić” contest for the best amateur movie review. Most recently, I worked as a narrative designer at the Croatian gaming studio Cateia Games.

I always enjoyed watching movies, discussing them with my friends, recommending the interesting ones to others and making fun out of the cinematic schlock. And, as this website can attest, I like writing about them! With a practically unlimited amount of movie titles available online and with only so much free time, people need reviewers to point them towards the entertainment that will be worth their while. Here on Matineja, you can find most of the movie reviews I wrote on various blogs throughout the last decade or so. Although most of them are in my native Croatian, some of them are in English.

I’m certainly hoping you’ll be as entertained reading my reviews as I was while writing them over the years!